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Metro Exodus Isn’t Completely Off The Table Returning To Steam Says THQ Nordic

Deep Silver’s Metro Exodus is almost two weeks away from reaching its destination of the game’s mid-February release date and recently it was discovered that the game will be abandoning releasing on Steam for the younger Epic Games Store.

With fans unhappy seeing that they would have to jump online stores to play a game previously available on the platform, THQ Nordic following the recent reveal made a statement expanding on the current status of the upcoming game on PC.

Clearing things up that the Deep Silver’s choice to remove the game from Steam’s storefront is only for a limited time and show to be in favor of fans to decide on where they prefer to play their games. To freshen up from days prior: fans who pre-ordered the game on competing retailers like Steam or GOG will still receive the game as well as following DLC for the game.

For those anticipating for an update revolving around Exodus returning to Steam and other online marketplaces, you will have to be patient as Deep Silver recently stated the game’s return around the game’s year anniversary in February 2020.

Metro Exodus has a paved release date for February 15, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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