Microsoft Announces Game Streaming for Xbox One Games on Windows 10 PC’s, Tablets, Phones and Xbox Live on Windows 10

Posted on January 21, 2015 by Alan Walsh

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During the Microsoft Windows 10 Media Briefing, Phil Spencer took to the stage to announce some of the new experiences for Windows 10 devices powered by Xbox. From game streaming, cross-platform gameplay, cross-platform chat and much more, Microsoft have shown their once again serious about PC Gaming. Over the last 13 years, Xbox has been focused on creating and expanding great gaming and entertainment experiences on console. We’re incredibly proud of the Xbox One and are fully committed to ensuring it’s the best place to play console games in 2015 and beyond,” said Spencer. “Now, we are also bringing that same focus, passion, and commitment to gaming on Windows 10, enhancing the PC games and gaming devices you already love, including the Xbox One. We’ve listened and learned from our past efforts in PC gaming and I am excited about what the future holds.”

Here’s a round-up of how Xbox becomes more than a box and transforms into a Microsoft service across all of your devices:

  • The Xbox App for Windows 10 brings together the best of PC and Xbox gaming. Games, Friends, Messages, Activity Feed, Achievements and much more are found in this one simple App.
  • Cross platform Multiplayer and Chat is coming to Windows 10. This means multiplayer gaming between PC and Xbox One along with messaging and talking to your friends. Developers have full access to these amazing new Windows 10 API features.
  • Xbox on Windows 10 allows you to stream every Xbox One game you own through your home network to your Windows 10 PC or tablet anywhere in your home along with the ability to use all your favourite Xbox One accessories on PC.
  • DirectX 12 is Microsoft’s new graphics technology allowing developers to make the most of Xbox One and PC Gaming. This allows better frame rate and will drive the artists to new levels of creativity with the ability to add more detail than ever before possible.
  • Game DVR is coming to Windows 10. Every game you play, be it on Xbox Live, Steam or other services you can record, edit and share gameplays effortlessly across all your social networks. By pressing Windows+G, you access the built in Windows 10 recording software.
  • Windows 10 is also coming to Xbox One as the first OS upgrade ever seen on a console. This allows the seamless interaction with PC gamers and give developers the ability to extend their applications to the television and Microsoft will be sharing more details of this at the Games Developers Conference in March.

Microsoft also announced that Xbox One exclusive, Fable Legends, is also coming to Windows 10 PCs, day-and-date with the Xbox One game. It will support cross platform multiplayer and Xbox Live Achievements and this is only the first of many major Microsoft Studios game franchises coming to Windows 10. Microsoft confirmed they will have more details to share in the coming months.

The Xbox App for Windows 10 with the features named above will be available next week when the new Windows 10 Tech Preview becomes available to download. It will indeed be a very early, buggy version of the App.

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