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Microsoft Appears To Roll Back On Xbox Play Anywhere

Posted on July 7, 2016 by Paul Ludlow

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Microsoft’s E3 press conference was full of surprises from Project Scorpio to Dead Rising 4. One of the biggest reveals is suddenly not as big though.
When first announced the Xbox Play Anywhere program was going to allow gamers to play “every new title published from Microsoft Studios” on either their Xbox or their PC. However that original statement has since been altered.
According to Microsoft “every new title published from Microsoft Studios that we showed onstage at E3 this year will super Xbox Play Anywhere.” This is quite the change with many wondering what this means going forward.
The original statement had led fans to hope that console-stalwarts like Halo would experience simultaneous release on both Xbox and PC. Although this is still possible it is no longer a certainty.
The Play Anywhere program allows people to purchase one copy of a game, either on consoles or computer, and then play it on both.

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