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Microsoft Celebrates 20 Years Of Xbox, Announcements Entailed For Later On

While Sony & Nintendo showed to be the two prominent console holders entering the 21st century, Microsoft in 2001 stepped into the spotlight with Xbox. But as of recent, details on the internal doings of Microsoft was revealed from former employees. Such as the firm’s ambition to dominate the market with its first-party software and an attempt to outright acquire Nintendo – which had the firm laughed off at for nearly an hour.

For hardware, Microsoft looked at competing systems to understand on making an optimal machine for the original Xbox. In that, the firm went the lengths to dissect the innards of a PlayStation 2 to take notes on what might work for its own in-house console. And now two decades later the firm is leading by example by its own right.

To celebrate, Microsoft announces to be celebrating Xbox with new content and announcements that will be held throughout the course of this year until November 15 later this fall. Of course, the most intriguing is the unveilings that will celebrate the platform.

The Xbox experience today, as shaped by you, is wildly different. You can now jump into your favorite games on your Xbox Series X|S console (imagine showing your past self a 4K HDR game!), on PC, or on mobile*. You and your friends can play with and against the more than 100 million players who log into Xbox every month from around the world.

And there’s no more convincing every person in the group to go out and buy a big game. If you all have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can pick the destination from a variety of games in the catalog and just start playing. We love this gaming future.

Larry Hyrb, Xbox Director of Programming

“We’ll keep the fun going through November with more announcements, activities, and ways to celebrate,” the post continues by sharing. The year-long event is said to cease on November 15 which does draw some eyes to that date in correlation to Xbox. Previously, Halo Infinite voice actor Varlon Roberts disclosed the game’s launch to be in that month: more so that the date is the release of Halo: Combat Evolved.

Microsoft also mentioned that the Xbox Fanfest is to be taking place as well for 2021. Presumed to follow the same structure as last year, Xbox Fanfest will be an online-hosted showcase for the hardcore Xbox users with exclusive goodies and livestreams. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you excited for what is to come from celebrating Xbox?

Source: Xbox Wire

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