Microsoft Confirms Its 2023 Summer Showcase To Take Place On June 11th

Posted on March 8, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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When interpreting what Microsoft has planned for its titles, the firm has already addressed some of its major releases for 2023 already. During its Developer_Direct in January, Redfall received a release date for this May. Additionally, Minecraft Legends is also on the horizon for spring as well. Not to mention the instant hit Hi-Fi Rush which launched immediately after the show at the time.

As for future shows, the Xbox company did tell a proper showcase for this summer will take place. Additionally, it was pressed that Starfield will be hosting its own separate presentation as well to showcase the new Bethesda Game Studios IP. Already, Bethesda told that the Starfield event is to be held this June on the 11th with a September 6th release date for the game.

In a response tweet from the official Xbox Twitter, Microsoft goes on to confirm that its own Xbox+Bethesda show is to take place on the same date. “Join us for #StarfieldDirect following the Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday, June 11.” Gathered from the wording – it will take place ahead of the Starfield presentation.

While Microsoft is focused on its major announcements this summer, there is still reveals under its sleeve, says Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer. When speaking to Xbox On, Spencer expressed that there is still a “Goldeneye-type announcement” that is underwraps at the Xbox firm. Whether it’s another surprise Xbox Game Pass addition or a new title altogether – it has yet to be determined what the reveal will be.

For what properties Microsoft is sitting on, the list only grows. To name a few, there is: Avowed, Contraband, Everwild, Fable, Forza Motorsport, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, Perfect Dark, and State of Decay 3 just to name a few. Which of these announcements do you hope to see make an appearance at the new show this June?

The Xbox Games 2023 Showcase is to take place on June 11, 2023.

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