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Microsoft Confirms Xbox One Controller Support For Project Scarlett

Posted on October 23, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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Moving to the next generation of console hardware, for the most part, means that any similarities with the current and former units are tend to be innovated for what’s up next. However, Microsoft looks to make things easier for the consumer as just a shred of light has fallen on the upcoming Project Scarlett.

Speaking of specifically, these new consoles are expected to introduce new games, stronger hardware, and a overall new experience to those that purchase their platform of choice. Although that is what we expect in tradition, Microsoft has shown to break what we depict from the console release pattern by revealing that today’s aged Xbox One controller will be compatible with the approaching new Xbox.

While not directly from the mouth of Microsoft, his was instead shared through a tweet by Product/Marketing Manager James Shields who verifies that all current controllers can be used on Project Scarlett next year.

Interesting enough about this statement, it does trigger the idea of where Microsoft is looking to strive towards for the next console. Knowing that a growing amount of players favored the controller for the previous Xbox 360, and even more to this generation’s gamepad, what else could Microsoft do to better the company’s audience preference? That however is left for time to tell until the company is ready to reveal more about the new console.

Next generation’s Project Scarlett already reported to carry three generations of backwards compatibility, 120 frames per second, ray tracing support, and 8K resolution output, why would the team stop at the controller? Let us know what your hopes are for the next controller for the next Xbox console in the comments below!

Project Scarlett is said to release next holiday season in late 2020.

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