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Microsoft Doubling Down On Consoles Not Leaving The Market

Posted on June 24, 2016 by Paul Ludlow

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Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has come to the defence of Microsoft after a report was published earlier this week stating they plan to leave the console business.
Analytics company DFC published a report earlier this week stating that Microsoft’s recent E3 presentation was a sign the company intends to move out of the console market. Even though the company announced two new consoles during their presentation this report still attracted a great deal of attention. So much so that Xbox head Phil Spencer chose to reply to it.
Spencer took to Twitter to say that “announcing 2 consoles would be a strange lead in to that.” in reference to the report.
Although there is a slim possibility that Phil Spencer is lying, it is so remote that it does not bear thinking about. The fact that the company is doubling down on consoles is a clear indicator that Microsoft intends to stay firmly embedded in the console market for the foreseeable future.
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