Microsoft Features New Line Of Accessories For Xbox Cloud Gaming

Posted on October 26, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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At the turn of the new decade, the 2020s was to bring new heights to the world leaving 2010 behind. Additionally, avid video game players certainly knew what awaited with the Xbox Series X|S on the horizon for that coming November. With that, Microsoft pushed a new initiative with the ‘Designed for Xbox’ project allowing users to transition to the new consoles without the unnecessary need to buy all new accessories.

With that came a new arrangement with dozens of brands to liven the platform as your current controllers and headsets will also be compatible with the new machines. This brought several new devices including even OtterBox tapping into the gaming market at the time. The initiative also branched out to xCloud accessories as well with the service opening to more consumers as well.

This week, Microsoft has teamed up with its partnered companies once more to introduce a new line of Xbox Cloud Gaming devices to bring the same level of support to new and current players on mobile devices.

Gamevice Flex – $109.95

The new, case compatible, mobile controller that delivers a seamless transition from console to mobile gaming. Compatible with thousands of phone cases for both Android and iPhone, Flex eliminates the risk and inconvenience of having to repeatedly remove your phone case. Using the included Adapter Kit, customize the fit for your device, with or without the case on, and easily attach the controller when the moment strikes. 

Turtle Beach Recon Cloud Hybrid Game Controller – $99.99

Designed for both console and mobile gaming, with features to boost your experience no matter where you want to play. With the flip of a switch, you can transition between wireless mobile gaming on Android and Windows PCs, to wired console gaming on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows PCs with the included 10ft braided cable. 

RiotPWR Cloud Gaming Controller for iPad (Xbox Edition) – $79.99

Featuring full-sized thumbsticks, an improved D-pad for accuracy, Hall Effect triggers for ultimate precision, a Share button and an Xbox button for full control of Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta). The controller connects directly to your iPad via the Lightning connection for low-latency mobile gaming.

GameSir X2 Pro Mobile Gaming Controller – $79.99

The X2 Pro comes with 2 additional, mappable back buttons that you can set instantly, even in the middle of the game, with no extra software required. Take customization one step further with interchangeable ABXY buttons and additional thumbstick caps so you can tailor your mobile controller to match your playstyle.

“Xbox Cloud Gaming not only unlocks the ability to seek out your next gaming adventure by streaming hundreds of games anywhere with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate but allows you to do so on the devices you already own. With the addition of a mobile gaming controller from our Designed for Xbox partners, you can transform your phone or tablet into a mobile gaming machine with the function and familiarity of a console controller,” writes Designed for Xbox Business Program Manager Ethan Rothamel.

Similarly, Microsoft showcased a line of televisions back in 2021 to complement for the newest Xbox systems. Namely the Xbox Series X, these displays were guaranteed to offer 4K resolutions with 120hz refresh in mind for the new capable consoles that released in 2020. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you interested in any of the Xbox Cloud Gaming devices featured from Microsoft?

Source: Xbox Wire

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