Microsoft Furthers Its Partnerships For Xbox With A Multi-year Collaboration With GameStop

Posted on October 8, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Among the current endeavors that Microsoft is establishing for its release of the next-generation console Xbox Series X, the firm will further its partnerships as 2020 comes to a close. As a refresher, Microsoft announced to be collaborating with nearly three dozen brands & manufacturers to properly work migrating to the new systems as seamless as possible – allowing owners to keep their products on newer hardware.

But now in a new report offered by corporate GameStop, the firm tells to be finalizing on a multi-year partnership with the console giant starting with the release if the firm’s two new consoles. In a press release, the company tells that it will adopt many elements of Microsoft’s cloud-based infrastructure to the back-end of the retailer towards introducing the “ultimate gaming destination” for its consumers.

More so, this new collaboration of both firms will develop a more unified approach to a better shopping experience either in-store or through digital means, the press release shares.

This is an exciting day at GameStop as we announce the advancement of an important partnership that capitalizes on the power of our operating platform and significant market share in gaming to accelerate our digital transformation; drive incremental revenue streams; and over time, further monetize the digital world of gaming.

George Sherman, GameStop CEO

Ultimately, the deal will assist in better structure the video game storefront leading into the new decade. While shopping is taking a sharp turn to virtual purchasing online, GameStop is putting on all cylinders now with Microsoft involved in effectively integrating a new and more efficient cross-channel system. Even Xbox Head Phil Spencer left a statement on the new partnership:

“For many years GameStop has been a strong go-to-market partner for our gaming products, and we are excited about continuing and evolving that relationship for the launch of the Xbox Series X|S.” He adds, “GameStop’s extensive store base, focus on digital transformation in an omni-channel environment and expert gamer associates remain an important part of our gaming ecosystem, and we’re pleased to elevate our partnership.”

This is not the only attempt to keep GameStop afloat in recent weeks. Late last month, it was discovered that the retailer is beginning to stock PC components and other accessories to reach to a broader audience outside of its prominent, console-oriented market. You can read the full report by heading here.

What do you think will come to fruition from this new partnership between the two firms?

Source: GameStop

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