Microsoft has acquired Intel company Havok

Posted on October 2, 2015 by Michael Boccher

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According to a recent report, Microsoft has acquired Havok from Intel who has owned the company for the last nine years. Havok works with all three major platform holders in Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo through use of their physics engine which serves as their bread and butter.

The engine is used in sports game and such as it takes the body language of the character, locomotion and environment and uses them to formulate collisions in real time using the data in a 3D environment. Microsoft commented on the acquisition by saying

“As we welcome Havok to the Microsoft family, we will continue to work with developers to create great gaming experiences, and continue to license Havok’s development tools to partners. We believe that Havok is a fantastic addition to Microsoft’s existing tools and platform components for developers, including DirectX 12, Visual Studio and Microsoft Azure.”

The new engine is sure to be used in Windows 10 and Xbox One gaming plus the possibilities for Hololens and its development are endless. Although Microsoft has focused on mainly gaming now with Windows 10 and its Windows 10 integration, the phones still possess a smaller market share compared to Iphone and Android. With Havok, Microsoft can now be on any platform using the Havok engine which will greatly increase their revenue stream as well.

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