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Microsoft Hints At Possible Xbox Scarlet Reveal For E3

It seems that Microsoft in the eve of this year’s E3 press conference teased at a possible reveal for the previously rumored Xbox Scarlet. Twitter user @Cr8Beyond was the first to discover the this hidden Easter egg through the countdown images leading up to the Sunday press conference.

Deprived from the three images that Microsoft posted since Thursday hint towards the officially unannounced Xbox streaming model through code for the RGB color model. Comprised of all three numbers for their respected number (R – 255, G – 36, B – 0) makes up the color scarlet, which is where speculation looks towards tomorrow’s event for a full reveal for the new SKU.

And to even cement the speculation surrounding the chances of Microsoft revealing the stream-based console, the same user was rewarded by Microsoft with a free month of Xbox Game Pas shortly after discovering tease.

For all on the unannounced Xbox Scarlet, make sure to read up on Rectify Gaming’s NXGamer piece surrounding the console and how streaming operates when working with video games, here.

The Microsoft press conference will be taking place on June 9th at 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST.

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