Microsoft Lists Record-breaking Metrics For Xbox Series X|S Launch From This Week

Posted on November 14, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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As many can already tell from chatter on social media this week, the Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S are both out. While obtaining one might be an issue for the time being, the systems are available for purchase now. And with that, there are some new details Microsoft is ecstatic to share about the release for the next-generation system from this week.

In that, the two consoles broke expectations set by Microsoft with the system’s release that kicked off on Tuesday. Of course, many from the dedicated user base for Xbox are to transition to the new consoles when they release. That on top of promised initiatives for the system are also to urge consumers in purchasing. Such as a complete backwards compatibility library primed just in time for launch.

In the blog post, the Xbox company shares that Xbox Series X|S faced the most sold consoles at launch in the history of Xbox. Additionally, the firm also shared that Xbox Series S in particular opened a window to reach “the highest percentage of new players for any Xbox console at launch”.

The launch of Xbox Series X|S is now the most successful debut in our history. While we missed the emotional spark of being together with you in person, it was incredible to celebrate a new generation of gaming with the millions on our celebration livestream and everyone who participated in our global launch across 40 countries.

Liz Harmen, Xbox CVP for Gaming Experiences & Platforms

Microsoft does not stop there as other records were broken in other sectors. For one, the most amount of games playable for launch where approximately 3,594 games divided between unique next-generation releases and properties supported through backwards compatibility is accounted for. As for Xbox Game Pass users, about 70 percent of those that own an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X are part of the subscription plan.

Noted, Microsoft frames that everything tallied from the launch is recorded from the first 24 hours of the two next-generation consoles going live. But looking to the holiday season, more records could potentially receive a new victor ultimately. Hopefully, this leads to Microsoft releasing reports on units sold as the firm has not been transparent on the amount of systems purchased for the Xbox One.

This week also, claims were floating around pinning the Xbox Series X to abruptly spew smoke from its vents. The report is not true as the smoke is determined to be water vapor from a nicotine vaporizer. Unfortunately, more of the false narrative was reported over the real problem some users face like the disc drive not cooperating. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you part of the new record for Xbox Series X|S systems sold?

Source: Xbox Wire

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