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Microsoft Now Sells Components To Do Self-Repair On Xbox Controllers

Posted on August 2, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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This week, it announced another decorative choice – the Stormcloud Vapor Xbox Special Edition controller. And the offerings continue as customization is a given over at Xbox too. Previously, Microsoft resurrected Xbox Design Lab for Xbox Series X|S paddles offering more creative options for the new gamepad.

Additionally, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 was met with more variety as well with Xbox Design Lab support too. Even Xbox itself features some flexibility as a previous update includes adjusting the LED within the controller with a light tuner. Again, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core faced some choices with the Red & Blue variants this year.

But what about repair? Well, the simple answer is to go purchase a new controller. However, Microsoft is now urging consumers to pursuing repair to their own extent by offering select components on the Microsoft Store. On Xbox Support, Microsoft vocalizes this directly. There is already an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 repair tutorial which you can view below:

“Xbox replacement components provide you the freedom to make repairs to out-of-warranty Xbox devices yourself. These components are available for purchase directly from the Store, and require tools and moderate technical skill to use,” Microsoft writes in the support post. On the Microsoft Store, it offers a selection of Xbox Controller & Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 components including face plates, buttons, analog sticks, and bumpers & triggers.

One surprise from the endeavor pointed out by Microsoft is that self-repair does not void the limited warranty for its controllers. “No. Self-repair with Microsoft replacement components does not affect Microsoft’s Limited Warranty on Xbox hardware. However, any damage that is caused to the hardware, device, or replacement component will not be covered under Microsoft’s Limited Hardware Warranty.”

Do you see yourself taking advantage of this new self-repair push by Microsoft?

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