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Microsoft planning MCC-like compilation for Gears of War saga this year

Posted on May 17, 2022 by Wh1plash96

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Fans have been begging Microsoft to launch the whole Gears of War games to current-gen at 4K/60FPS with remastered visuals, sounds, and tighter gameplay, and until now, those fans haven’t been too happy with Microsoft sidestepping the Gears franchise

According to a well-known leaker Shpeshal_Nick from XboxEra, he claims Microsoft is indeed planning on releasing the whole saga this year for Xbox and presumably PC as well. Nick says it should be announced during Microsoft’s June 12th game conference, and it definitely comes from a time when the Xbox platform, is once again, lacking exclusive games to launch during the year with Starfield and Redfall being delayed to first-half of 2023.

Check out the full podcast from XboxEra below!

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