Microsoft Reiterates On The Significance Of Smart Delivery Following Save Transfer Complexity On PlayStation 5

Posted on March 21, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While Microsoft & Sony looked to what might best hone in their user base for Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation 5 respectively, the two evidently have different opinions on how to pursue that. For the Xbox company in particular, Microsoft has stated to be in interest of creating a thriving ecosystem for Xbox outside of its consoles. And while the name is on the hardware, PC and now cloud (Android) looks to be its focus.

But part of that is how flexible its platforms are. While Xbox Game Pass happens to be a universal tool between the three virtually, jumping from console to console should also find the same attention. So in preparation for a smooth transition, Microsoft announced Smart Delivery. Teaming up with over 100 developers, the firm would be able to execute a seamless leap from Xbox One to Xbox Series X or Series S with ease.

That means no need to purchase a next-gen version of your favorite game. Even more, Microsoft also asked developers not affiliated with Smart Delivery to pursue a similar approach in favor of the user on Xbox. And while PlayStation 5 appears not of offer an in-house version of that, some games do receive an easy transition from PlayStation 4 nonetheless.

However, Smart Delivery also means the players save data as well. Noted to PlayStation 5 does not offer its own Smart Delivery, users on the platform as of recent are facing complications on getting their progress for games – namely Marvel’s Avengers. Atop of confused users, Xbox Engineering lead Eden Marie refreshes on the significance of Smart Delivery for its users.

“Why save file migration ‘just works’ with Xbox Smart Delivery, a brief thread,” Marie writes in a string of tweets on Twitter. You can read more in the tweet below:

Marie continues by explaining, “because they have the same identity, regardless of which generation version of the game you have, they will sync, read and write the exact same save data.” Unlike on PlayStation 5 unfortunately, Xbox owners are instantly able to load up their save data and find that game progress ready to presume on the newer machines.

“If you think about that a little, it means you can start the Xbox One version of a game, continue on Xbox Series X|S, and then continue again on Xbox One. Or even via Cloud Streaming!” So regardless if its from Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S, or even to xCloud, Marie indicates that the same save data is accessible through all avenues.

Evidently, Microsoft has also illustrated that Smart Delivery features are also available through other conventional means on Xbox. Outside of digital versions, physical game owners and even Xbox Game Pass subscribers can still find their save progress ready on the respected hardware. You can read the full report by heading here.

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