Microsoft Says Its Next Xbox Is The “Largest Technological Leap” For Any Console

Posted on February 20, 2024 by Nick Moreno

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It is no secret – Microsoft is officially going to release select titles on competing systems. While the first has done this before, this time its with first-party releases, no published games. In total, it said four unnamed games are on the way. But from corroborating reports it’s told that the titles are determined to be Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Sea Of Thieves, and Grounded by The Verge & Famitsu.

One other interesting comment is by Phil Spencer, Microsoft Gaming CEO. In that, he addressed there are no other plans for games beyond the four. Or, that it signifies that Xbox as a platform is truly going third-party. Even more, during the podcast he elaborated that platform exclusives are to certainly shrink over the next decades just based off of the direction the industry is heading.

During the show, Xbox president Sarah Bond did address that the next-generation Xbox is already underway. Although not sharing much, she did express that it will be “delivering the largest technical leap we will ever see in a hardware generation.” You can watch the segment of the podcast in the video below:

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“We’re also invested into the next-generation roadmap”, Bond elaborates during the discussion. But, this is not anything new following the previous document leaks that took place back in 2023. At the time, internal documents revealed that Microsoft is preparing a new system aiming to release in 2026. The said document also revealed a DualSense-like gamepad which has recently been reported to roll out later this spring.

And now with next-generation talk for Xbox, the same is also taking place at PlayStation. Recently during a financial call at Sony, it was revealed that the PlayStation 5 is already in the “latter stages” of its lifecycle. And alike the Xbox Series X|S, the PlayStation 5 does not have a lot to show for its platform exclusives this generation. You can read the full report by heading here.

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