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Microsoft says Xbox One X is going to sell 4K TV's

4K technology is rapidly gaining popularity with a lot of retailers ditching 1080P TV’s and replacing with 4K televisions. With Xbox One X less than a month away, Albert Penello told MCV UK some TV manufacturers were interested on Xbox One X: “There’s a mutual benefit” Penello said, “They [TV manufacturers] need the content to drive uptake, so they are asking us how they can demo Xbox One X on their TVs, as they want to sell those TVs”
Penello also added: ““It’s been an interesting marketing challenge. We have momentum on our side, which helps. The majority of TVs sold this year will be 4K TVs, there are all kind of analysts reports, and within the next few years everything will be 4K. So it’s coming, in terms of retail of displays.”
Earlier last month, Xbox and Samsung partnered to bring 4K gaming experience to Xbox One X, “The arrival of true 4K UHD gameplay on the Xbox One X this Fall gives gamers the perfect reason to upgrade their television,” said Eddie Combs, Vice President of Marketing for Samsung Electronics America. “If gamers are looking for a TV that delivers premium 4K HDR picture quality with industry leading design and smart functionality, then the QLED TV and Xbox One X are an unbeatable 4K gaming combination.”

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