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Microsoft Shares To Honor Previous Deals Between Sony & Bethesda Following Recent Acquisition

Posted on September 21, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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While Microsoft has certainly shaken up the internet already this month with recent announcements regarding its two next-generation consoles arriving this November, the firm has broke news today regarding its ownership of more studios. In that, Microsoft unveiled to be acquiring Bethesda and its parent company Zenimax Media which ranges across the talented teams and its respected properties.

So entities such as Fallout, Doom, Dishonored, and The Elder Scrolls are now under Microsoft’s jurisdiction. However, there is still a grey area still left worth noting following today’s purchase: the recent deals established with Bethesda. More in particular, these agreements made with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Back in June, the Bethesda announced to be shipping both Deathloop & GhostWire: Tokyo uniquely on PlayStation platforms ahead of Xbox systems.

But in an interview with Microsoft following the firm’s acquisition going public, it has been disclosed that the company will comply with the already made deal between Sony and Bethesda, allowing the arrangements to be fulfilled as initially scheduled. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer elaborates that the deal will be honored on Microsoft’s behalf.

Even more, the executive also shares that for new titles underway from Bethesda will be arriving to the respected Xbox platforms and PC alongside the arrival on Xbox Game Pass as well. Anticipated releases such as Starfield is mentioned to be part of this new incentive. As for expanding to other platforms, Spencer shares that Microsoft will “take other consoles on a case-by-case basis.”

Acknowledging that the acquisition standing at $7.5 Billion for Bethesda is a large bill to pay, it is expected that coming projects will most likely arrive to other systems including PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. As for projects that arise following the purchase, that is a separate scenario that we will let time tell later on.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft following-up on the deal between Sony & Bethesda?

Source: Bloomberg

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