Microsoft Teams Up With Medal TV For Seamless Clip Sharing Across Social Media

Posted on October 7, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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In the current age of online media, users continue to share their most stellar content for followers and mutuals to soak in. No matter the medium, it is fancied to view like-minded appreciation for games, movies, television, film, or more. While video games continue to evolve into a tangible experience for millions across the globe, sharing your experiences is still sluggish to some degree.

Instead of purchasing capturing equipment or accessories, both PlayStation & Xbox feature in-house game capturing systems to share your most memorable moments. However, bringing that to other platforms is fairly limited. Yes, you can share directly through the menu, but not all social media is present.

But, on Xbox at least, there is now Medal TV. Through a new arrangement between both firms, users can create a Medal TV account and simply share your clips from Xbox to your social feeds. You can watch the How To tutorial in the video below:

“We know you’re out there making sick plays on Xbox that you’re just dying to share. That’s why, we’re beyond excited to announce our partnership with Xbox to help you bring your best video game moments to the world — on Medal,” the group writes in the announcement post. The service also comes useful in adjusting clips with editing features as well across PC and soon mobile.

“By syncing your Medal and Xbox accounts, not only will you be able to seamlessly share your clips with the world on Medal from your Xbox — but you can also watch and share your favorite gaming moments across all your devices with our Desktop and Mobile apps. Oh, and you can keep your squad happy and share the clout with your friends, by tagging them in the crazy plays they helped you make. In addition to all that awesome, soon we’ll be releasing mobile editing — making editing on the go easier than ever.”

Previously, it was suspected that Microsoft could be tackling more intuitive video editing programs for Xbox with the acquisition of Clipchamp. Currently, Microsoft voiced its ambitions for the purchase to benefit the growing Office 365 suite of programs. You can read the full report by heading here.

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