Microsoft thought Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition would last a week, it sold out in a day.

Microsoft thought Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition would last a week, it sold out in a day.


The very limited edition ‘Project Scorpio’ of Xbox One X sold out in a day, Aaron Greenberg – Head of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft – revealed to Rocket Beans TV. Many Xbox fans were tuning into Gamescom hoping the pre-orders would open that very same day and that was what happened. Microsoft had Project Scorpio editions available for a week – worldwide – but they didn’t expect to sell out in a day. Speaking with Rocket Beans, Aaron said:

“We sold out at Amazon I think in twenty-five minutes. We expected our total inventory to last about a week and it sold out in less than a day, so… We don’t share the amount of inventory, but the Project Scorpio Edition was for those core fans, the people that used to line up in front of the stores.

We knew they would be digitally pre-ordering that and we wanted to make a special edition just for them. It’s nice to see the response. In particular, in Germany the fans ordered at an accelerated rate, maybe the fastest in the world, so it was great to see the support from our fans here.”

A lot of people were confused about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds exclusivity on Xbox One to which Greenberg clarified:

“We’re trying to be as open and transparent as possible. What we’re saying is, we are publishing the title on Xbox One, the exclusivity we talked about we called a “console launch exclusive. We don’t own the IP. It’s their game, their title. Currently, they’ve been really clear they’re only making the game for PC and Xbox One. So I would say if you want to play the game on console this Holiday for sure you’ll need an Xbox One. We expect this to be a long-term partnership with them and we’re excited to be working with them, to see where they’re taking the game and help them grow their audience.”

Xbox One X is launching November 7th for $499.


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  • Jim Fox

    When the Xbox pre-Gamescon show started on Sunday I was checking the Best Buy site repeatedly to see if the pre-order was live. It wasn’t. As soon as they announced it during the program, I returned to the Best Buy site and the Project Scorpio Edition was available. Someone must have had their hand on the switch ready to throw it as soon as the words came of their mouths. I got my pre-order in and within seconds an email arrived from Best Buy confirming the order. AIN’T TECHNOLOGY AMAZING! Later that evening the Best Buy site showed the console as unavailable. Today (Thursday) I visited a games website that listed every retailer in the US, Canada and Europe that is an authorized online dealer for the Xbox. Every one of them is sold out. It certainly would be interesting to know how many of the Scorpion Editions Microsoft built. It would give us an idea of their real confidence level for the One-X’s success. I’m sure the factories are churning out the standard version One-X’s as fast as they can to refill the pipeline for the next wave of pre-orders.