Microsoft To Acquire Competitive Esports Platform

Posted on December 2, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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While Microsoft’s endeavor to continue reimaging the gaming landscape through Xbox is achieving impactful results with the titular line of consoles that released over the past two decades, the company also looks elsewhere in relevant pastures to bring in similar outcomes overtime. In that, Microsoft through its capital gains as a technology conglomerate has approached new passions with acquisitions of recognized brands.

Those such as Skype earlier in the 2010s or the later purchase of Beam which was later rebranded to be Microsoft’s Twitch competitor, Mixer. However, the acquisitions made by Microsoft is often viewed to be a nail in the coffin as the aforementioned services either underperform against competitors or simply close down altogether.

But that does not solidify the same future for every investment in the company. For instance, Minecraft after its $2 billion purchase has become a staple for the Xbox company as we inch closer to the decade mark for the property’s new ownership. Today, competitive esports organization group announced on Twitter to be under Microsoft now as well.

“With this acquisition, the community and tournament organizers will continue to benefit from the platform, while our team will now benefit from additional resources and support as part of the Microsoft Content Services team,” the group shares in the thread. “For now, it’s business as usual as our combined team continues to support our community and tournament organizers.

“We’re excited about this acquisition’s potential to further empower the esports community and expand‘s reach and scale.” For now, it is uncertain the path will be heading now with Microsoft at the helm of the domain, but it is anticipated the organizer can use its new resources to bring more ambition to competitive gaming like never before.

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