Microsoft to begin production on Xbox Series X Mini-Fridges

Posted on April 2, 2021 by Tyler Nienburg

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For the first time, Twitter hosted a Best Of Tweets Brand Bracket which had multiple brands in it such as Doritos, Xbox, Skittles, Gatorade and a bunch of others. The finals came down to Skittles and Xbox and with 341,731 votes Xbox won the competition by 1%. 

Xbox had promised to their fans who voted for the brand that they would make the Xbox Series X Mini Fridges a reality if they won. With Xbox winning the competition, Head of Xbox Marketing, Aaron Greenberg had tweeted out that they will begin production on the fridges.

This is the first time that Microsoft is promising to release the Xbox Series X mini-fridges as a legit product that people can buy. Below you’ll see the tweet from Aaron Greenberg.


Since the Xbox Series X was shown off up until its release and so on, there was a joke going around the internet that the console looked like a fridge. They did make a big one as part of a promotion so it’s nice to see that they’re going along with it and making it a reality for us all. 

The other big news that dropped recently was that MLB The Show 21 will be joining Xbox Game Pass on day one, April 20, 2021. 

Here is the World Premiere of a full sized version of the fridge:

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