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Microsoft To Partner With IGN For Upcoming ID@Xbox Showcase Next Month

Posted on June 22, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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Over the course of the past month, Microsoft has held three separate presentations celebrating its platform and the games that will be coming to Xbox. Over a week ago, the Xbox firm featured its annual Xbox Games Showcase plus a following Starfield Direct. Looking ahead, the showcase effectively illustrated how much 2023 is looking more promising for Xbox this year.

And this comes after the fact that platform sellers such as Gears of War & Halo were both absent from the show. Additionally, the later Xbox Games Showcase Extended presentation further illustrated the effort. Even more, it featured nearly a dozen new games coming to Xbox Game Pass as part of the ID@Xbox program as well.

Now looking deeper into the summer, IGN will be partnering with Microsoft for an exclusively-hosted ID@Xbox Showcase in July. Currently, there is no official list of featured games that will be present during the show.

“This special ID@Xbox Showcase premieres on July 11, 2023, and, in addition to it being filled to the brim with trailers, gameplay, reveals, and more, IGN will be hosting a special edition of Unlocked immediately following the ID@Xbox Showcase including a deeper dive into some of the games from the show itself,” the blog post reads.

“From a deep dive into Vampire Survivors’ second expansion to an exciting look at Cassette Beasts, a game that looks like Pokemon but with cassette tapes, there were a lot of different types of games on display that all deserve a look.” IGN adds although clarifying “we can’t yet reveal what awesome indie games will be part of the presentation.”

What has you most excited for the next ID@Xbox Showcase?

Source: IGN

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