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Microsoft To Shutter Windows Xbox Console Companion App Cutting First-Party Support To Import Images/Videos For PC

Posted on August 1, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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On Xbox, one of the biggest talking points for the platform so far since the Xbox One generation is the seamless differences between both console & PC. And while now the platform ecosystem extends well beyond this now with cloud streaming, the integrity of the initial initiative still stands. Even recently, it was confirmed that Starfield – the latest Xbox exclusive release – is to be an Xbox Play Anywhere title come its release in September.

As for what other elements Microsoft has done to support Xbox & PC interchangeably is the Windows Companion App. Not only that, but also the mobile app too. Altogether brings a centralized hub for users to view friends, join parties, check achievements, and even pre-load games. The app also offered a feature to import images/videos and even included editing content in a recent update too.

Well, the Xbox Companion app on Windows is getting the boot. In a recent statement via Xbox Support this week, the app will be closing for good. Even worse is this will limit how users access their saved content from Xbox to save on PC.

On July 28, 2023, we announced that the Xbox Console Companion app on Windows would be deprecated on August 28, 2023. If you were impacted by this and are looking for ways to continue to engage with Xbox games, services, and communities on your Windows device, the Xbox app for Windows will keep you connected to all things Xbox and gaming on your Windows device.

Noted, this is not the same as the standard Xbox app on PC now. While there is the client to still do some actions as you can on the Console Companion app, the biggest takeaway is the lacking support to directly import images or videos to your computer. So come the end of August, there will be no first-party application to save and download your captures from Xbox.

Thus far, the best alternative would be to look at third-party solutions. Recommended, GamerDVR is and continues to offer a suite in-browser to view images & videos as well as import. It also offers a Pro service which can mutli-download videos and even auto-upload to YouTube & Twitter. Since the founding of the website in 2014, Rectify Gaming stood as a ‘friend from the beginning,’ GamerDVR phrases.

Previously, there was hope Xbox could utilize better resources for its DVR capture system with an acquisition Microsoft made at the time. In that, the Xbox firm purchased Clipchamp – a video editing firm. It was anticipated the deal would transition to an improved system on PC and later for console down the road. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you affected by the Xbox Console Companion app closing?

Source: Xbox Support

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