Microsoft Unveils Official Xbox Series X Mini Fridge In Collaboration With ZOA

Posted on March 19, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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As many might recall more than a year ago with the announcement of the Xbox Series X initially, jokes began to surface as users online made the comparison of the design for the next-generation console to a refrigerator. And while the same puns were also dished to PlayStation 5 with the space heater/router appearance comparison, it all pretty much ended at that. Well, until Microsoft actually made a real, functioning Xbox Series X fridge to give away last fall.

Namely, the appliance shared a coherent likeness to the gaming console and included green lights that bleed out when opening. But to fully complete the ongoing gag, one fan on YouTube shared his journey in creating an Xbox Series X mini fridge. Through hard work and ingenuity, the fan finished just before the release of the titular system.

Now this week, Microsoft in collaboration with ZAO unveils an official Xbox Series X mini fridge that the Xbox company is giving away tone lucky fan. You can watch the partnered trailer in the video below:

In the footage, ZAO founder Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is doing his workouts while recognized esports commentator Alex “Goldernboy” Mendez commentates over the scenario as the celebrity decides on which ZAO flavor he’s deciding to get from the official Xbox Series X mini fridge.

The sweepstakes for the Xbox Series X mini fridge is to begin on March 25 this coming Thursday and to remain open for participants to enter until June 2. To enter, simply redeem Microsoft Rewards points to make your entry. The bundle is told to include “a limited-edition ZOA Series X Mini Fridge and kit stocked with six cans of ZOA Energy, custom Xbox controller, and” themed coasters.” You can read more by heading here.

Are you thinking about entering for the Xbox Series X mini fridge?

Source: Xbox Wire

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