Microsoft will look into having a disable option for Quick Resume on Xbox Series XlS

Posted on September 30, 2022 by Tyler Nienburg

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A feature that has been nice since the Xbox Series XlS launched was the fact you could Quick Resume into your games. What is nice about the feature is that you can jump right into your game unlike in the past where you’d have to go through all the intro and loading screens to get onto your game. 

It’s great for single player games because you can jump back in right where you left off. A recent discussion within the Xbox community is the fact that for online only games it would break then you’d have to quit the build. 

Twitter user, GabeTC99 replied to a tweet made by known Xbox fan Tim Dog where he shares how great the feature is. Gabe was questioning why you can’t disable the feature if you wanted to.

Unexpectedly, Phil Spencer replied to the Xbox fan sharing that “We will put it on the list of things to look at.”

One of the things that Xbox has always done was listening to the community and trying their best to please their users. 

How would you feel about having the option to disable Quick Resume on Xbox Series XlS?


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