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Microsoft: Xbox Game Pass Owners 50 Percent More Likely To Purchase Games Compared To Players Outside Of The Service

Noted how the Xbox platform competes to the likes of Nintendo’s or Sony’s, the line of systems from Microsoft evidently does not turn a profit on hardware alone. During the previous Apple v. Epic Games case it was revealed not a single Xbox system was profitable for Microsoft. While Sony did not find the same success until the PlayStation 4, Nintendo remained the most consistent with its profitability with its hardware.

However, Microsoft did comment on the matters by reiterating most gross revenue from its video game division generates in services. Looking at Xbox Game Pass, the service as of reporting currently sits at just over 23 million as of this spring. But, the monthly subscription has proven to influence its users more than just owning it. In that, it was discovered more than 90 percent of users try a game they likely wouldn’t without Xbox Game Pass.

Now in a new report from the recent financial report from Microsoft, the firm shares that Xbox Game Pass subscribers play 40 percent more games and is 50 percent more likely to make purchases over non-owners of the service.

Gaming is the largest category in the entertainment industry, and we are expanding our opportunity to reach the world’s 3 billion gamers wherever and whenever they play. We are all in on games.

At E3 last month, we unveiled our biggest games lineup ever, announcing 27 new titles, which will all be available to Game Pass subscribers. Game Pass is growing rapidly and it’s transforming how people discover, connect and play games. Subscribers play approximately 40% more games and spend 50% more than nonmembers.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

Elsewhere during the conference call, it also disclosed the success of the Xbox Series consoles. During that, it was disclosed that the platform is now the best performing in comparison to prior iterations. xCloud game streaming is also said to already have met million of users as well in that. But, this is not the first Microsoft grabbed data from Xbox Game Pass.

In a separate interview on the Kinda Funny Gamescast, Xbox lead Phil Spencer explained that Xbox Game Pass is a good source to determine which legacy IPs deserve a reboot. “It was amazing when Bethesda came in and we were able to put so many of the “old new” games or “new old” games, however you want to say it, into Game Pass and going back with the legacy that we have with some of the IP.” You can read the full report by heading here.

Do you own Xbox Game Pass and has it proven to be influencing you to purchase or play more games?

Source: Seeking Alpha

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