Microsoft’s Acquisition For Zenimax Media Fulfilled Welcomes Bethesda To Xbox

Posted on March 9, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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It was only in September that the industry was shaken by the fact that Microsoft intends to fully acquire Zenimax Media. The ambition of the purchase would officially welcome the publisher and its network of studios and namely franchises to the Xbox brand. For $7.5 billion, the decision was told not to be officially fulfilled well until the coming year. Most recently, it was uncovered that the decision will ultimately be decided in the EU in early March.

In the events leading up to Microsoft’s pursuit to certify the acquisition, the Xbox company disclosed confidence to certainly recoup its purchase despite the steep price tag handed for Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, and Doom. Already, the firm also told great things are underway at Bethesda too. Phil Spencer did reference some “incredibly exciting” projects are already being whipped up at the teams that comprise Bethesda’s body.

On Tuesday, Microsoft officially announces that Zenimax Media and the purchase for its properties have been finalized welcoming the entire entity to Team Xbox.

Today we officially complete the acquisition of ZeniMax Media, parent company of Bethesda Softworks. It’s an honor to welcome the eight incredibly talented development studios – Bethesda Game Studios, id Software, ZeniMax Online Studios, Arkane, MachineGames, Tango Gameworks, Alpha Dog, and Roundhouse Studios – and their passionate global communities to the Xbox family.

Now that everything is official, we can begin working together to deliver more great games to everyone. At every step building toward this moment, I’ve been inspired and motivated by the creativity, insight, and community-first approach of the talented people at Bethesda. Our goal is to give these teams the best foundation for doing their greatest work and to learn from them as we continue to build Xbox into an inclusive platform for all players.

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox

In the past, Microsoft has continued to press its aim to strengthen its first-party vigor for more games to lead the industry and in extension welcome more players to its platform in the long-term. Previously, Microsoft commented that the decision involving Bethesda will emphasize on the games for its platforms first and foremost – now this only solidifies the company’s ambitions.

Elsewhere in the statement from Phil Spencer, he elaborates more on the matter. “This is the next step in building an industry-leading first party studios team, a commitment we have to our Xbox community. With the addition of the Bethesda creative teams, gamers should know that Xbox consoles, PC, and Game Pass will be the best place to experience new Bethesda games, including some new titles in the future that will be exclusive to Xbox and PC players.”

Despite the move to Xbox, Bethesda’s transition does not directly affect its projects underway. For one, its coming titles will be reviewed on a “case-by-case” basis to determine if it finds any exclusive cling to Xbox. As for the publisher’s pre-arranged deals, Microsoft stated to honor timed-agreements with Sony Interactive Entertainment for GhostWire: Tokyo & Deathloop. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Xbox Wire

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