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Microsoft's Halo Virtual Reality experience launches on October 17th

Posted on October 3, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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Microsoft will be bringing Halo to its Windows Mixed Reality headsets later this month. Halo: Recruit will be available for free on October 17th, and it’s designed to be a VR environment of characters in the popular game. 343 industries has created the experience, and before you get excited it is not a full game of Halo or be anything related to a main line title. It’ll give you a good look at what Halo will look like in Virtual Reality.
Microsoft previously announced its plans to support SteamVR titles on its Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Developers are now getting access to that support today, allowing them to test their games with Microsoft’s range of headsets.
Not only does Halo VR launch on the 17th, but that is the same day the first Windows VR headsets are due to launch.

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