Microsoft's new Xbox Wireless Adapter has been delayed to 2018

Posted on August 14, 2017 by Rectify Gaming

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It has now only been a week since Microsoft announced its new Xbox Wireless Adapter. It’s a USB stick that enables Windows 10 PC owners to hook up an Xbox One controller with their PC for easier gaming. It’s smaller and more robust than its predecessor. Microsoft was supposed to release it shortly but the company has now said that it’s delaying the new Xbox Wireless Adapter to next year.
When they revealed the new adapter it was due to be released on August 8th.  It would have become available for purchase through Microsoft’s online store then but that’s not what happened on August 8th.
The new release date that’s mentioned for it states January 31st, 2018 as the date when it’s going to be available. What this means is that customers who were looking  to picking one up will now have to wait for a good six months before they can get their hands on the new Xbox Wireless Adapter. Microsoft has confirmed to Windows Central that this change is correct and that customers in the United States will only be able to purchase the new adapter in the new year.

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