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Minecraft 1.9 Set to Release on the Leap Day

Minecraft 1.9 is the latest edition of Minecraft for PC. It has been in Snapshot (procedural updates created to test new features) form since July but Mojang has just recently started releasing final Pre-Release Snapshots. But today, Jeb, a developer at Mojang, tweeted that the release date for 1.9 would be February 29th.
1.9 will include many new features and improvements including, but not limited to:
-New sounds
-Toggleable subtitles
-Addition of new blocks, plants, and items such as the purpur block and the Elytra wings
-New combat mechanics and the addition of shields
-Brewing changes
-Tipped arrows and lingering potions
-New addition to the End dimension
-New Shulker mob
-Ability to replay the Ender Dragon fight with the fight being more difficult
-Improvements to boats
-New enchantments
-Improvements to loot tables to improve loot in dungeons, villages, etc
-Basic bug fixes and gameplay improvements
-And so much more

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