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Minecraft Bedrock: 1.8.1 is Out Now

Updates are great. What’s better than an update? A bug fix update (depending on what has been added) and today a new update has been released to fix 1 issue. But it was quite a big issue.

What was added in this update?

Honestly, not a lot. This update was a hotfix to (as I said) fix 1 issue. Here is the issue fixed:


This hotfix addresses an issue with saving to disk on Nintendo Switch. Other platforms received the update to fix worlds not loading when downloaded from Realms.

In case you are still confused: let me explain.

When 1.8 released, a quick 1.8.1 update was released on the Nintendo Switch to fix 1 small memory issue. However, as updates normally do, it introduced another bug. This bug was if a Nintendo Switch console joined a realm, that realm could not be downloaded. So this update pretty much now stops that issue from occurring.

It’s not one of these major updates which fixes major bugs and introduces new features but that is coming soon!



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