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Minecraft Bedrock: Beta 1.13.09 is Out Now

So ever since Bedrock started, people have wanted 1 thing: parity with Java. Well today, brought us 1 step closer to this!
In this beta we got many Java features like the wither rose, brown mooshroom and item frames on the floor!

Here is a list of the new features!

New Features:

  • Added Wither Rose
  • Added Suspicious Stew
  • Item Frames can now be placed on the floor and ceiling!
  • Added the Brown Mooshroom
    • Forged by lightning bolts!
  • Added abandoned Villages
  • Added the Light Block for mapmakers
    • This supports auxiliary data from 0 to 15 for light level
    • The invisible end rod (variant 6) is now auto-upgraded to the new light block
    • Light blocks are supported via /give, /fill, and /setblock.
  • Added successful Village Raid celebration
  • Added game credits
    • These can be viewed after defeating the Ender Dragon, and also through a new button found in the Settings menu
  • New note block sounds!
    • Added note block functionality for glowstone, haybale, block of emerald, pumpkin, soul sand, block of Iron, bone block, wool, packed ice, clay, and block of gold 

Some genuinely awesome features are now in the game for Xbox One, Android and Windows 10 players. Go in and explore and report bugs!

Full changelog

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