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Minecraft Bedrock on Playstation 4 is Out Now

The journey started back at E3 in 2017 with the announcement of the Better Together update, the first installment to unite all Minecraft players globally. Xbox One and Nintendo Switch were announced to be joining the Bedrock family. This was the first time that cross play with consoles was looked at. The Better Together Update, also known as 1.2, released on 17th September 2017, roughly 3 months after E3.

This caused a divide within the community. Some players loved it, some players hated it and some were divided. Fast forward June 2018 and the Nintendo Switch version received the long anticipated Bedrock Version on 1.3 also known as the Update Aquatic. The Family was almost complete. However, the Playstation 4 was a very notable absence from both E3 and the Bedrock family. Players set up petitions, hashtags on twitter and demanded for Sony to allow cross platform for all games.

First Fortnite and Rocket League tried it out in a beta. Then after full release, Smite, Realm Royale and Paladins joined the party. It was very unsure if or when Minecraft would join but long and behold, Playstation, Mojang and Microsoft announced that the PS4 would be joining the Bedrock family yesterday. The community was delighted. But now with the history lesson over, time to get into the news

Minecraft Bedrock is officially out on the Playstation 4. After years of asking for Sony to allow cross platform play, the time has finally come. There are a few different ways of getting Bedrock on the PS4 so let me explain:

What if I have Minecraft: Playstation 4 Edition?

If you have Minecraft: Playstation 4 Edition, you can receive Bedrock for the cost of $0.00 aka FREE! You will receive a patch update with instructions on how to download Bedrock.

What is the difference between the Playstation 4 Edition version and the Bedrock version?

There are a lot of differences but the main ones are: 

  • Infinite Worlds
  • Minecraft Store
  • Cross Platform Play
  • Character Creator
  • Servers and Realms (Not available at launch)
  • Running the Render Dragon and Bedrock codebase

They are only a few of the differences as you need to wait until the full release 

Do I need to pay for Xbox Live Gold to play on servers, online multiplayer or realms?

No, you do not. However, you will need a Playstation Plus subscription in order to play online as it is a console requirement. 


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I am a big Minecraft player. I started in 2014 on the Xbox 360 and have since progressed to the Bedrock Engine of the game. I mainly focus on updating people with Minecraft news that may go unnoticed in the community as well as doing content updates and reviews. I am also a big fan of racing games.