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Minecraft Bedrock: Shields Confirmed-Preview

This feature are very big in the Minecraft community for both positive and negative reasons. But a few days ago, we got out first hint of them being added to Bedrock. Aubrey Norris posted this on twitter a few days ago.

This tweet got everyone excited and curious. Questions started speculating across timelines and replies. One of the main questions was how will it look while playing in game? Would it look different as on Java or would it be the same? It looks like the exact same based on the image we received.


Based on the preview image we have received, the shields will look the same as they do on the Java Edition as well as be positioned in the same area of the screen.

A few questions still remain based on this 1 feature alone. The main question though is how are these going to function on touch screens. While on a console there are a number of buttons you can remap the block button to be and on a keyboard you have multiple keys to bind it to, having it on a phone or tablet will be difficult to not put them at a disadvantage while in combat.

The developer who tweeted this image also added this caption to it. Maybe its something for the future… Or just another caption… who knows?

Let’s hope that this is only the beginning of highly requested features being brought from Java to Bedrock.


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