Minecraft Earth Closes Its Door In Late June This Summer

Posted on January 17, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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For more than a decade, Minecraft has grown and continues to branch out to new avenues of entertainment for all demographics. So in May 2019, it was exciting to learn that developer Mojang will be taking the Pokémon Go approach with the series following a teased announcement at the time. Of course, we later found the game to be Minecraft Earth.

As you would presume, players would explore real-time with augmented reality to experience Minecraft blanked over through your mobile device. Officially releasing later in October that same year, the game is now facing a grim future: the title is being shut down just over a year since its launch. An unfortunate announcement, but Mojang Studios tells there is plenty to enjoy leading to the title’s demise this summer.

For one, microtransactions requiring real-time currency is being removed. Ruby costs are also reduced dramatically. Even more, all content unreleased or in the developer pipeline is now available. Crafting, smelting, and boosts also face increased speeds to accommodate for the shortcoming of Minecraft Earth later this year.

Minecraft Earth was designed around free movement and collaborative play – two things that have become near impossible in the current global situation. As a result, we have made the difficult decision to re-allocate our resources to other areas that provide value to the Minecraft community and to end support for Minecraft Earth in June 2021.

As for those with remaining Ruby balances on Minecraft Earth, Mojang Studios issues that the virtual capital will be converted into Minecoins which are redeemable for skins and texture packs on the Minecraft Marketplace. Any purchase on Minecraft Earth also will provide a free copy Minecraft Bedrock Edition as well.

For what lies ahead for Minecraft in general, Mojang Studios is still preparing the Cliffs & Caves update. Found from the presentation at this past Minecraft Live, the titular biomes are facing complete overhauls with the addition of the community polled goats and mountain reworks also. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you revisiting Minecraft Earth before it is gone for good?

Minecraft is available on Android and iOS until june 30, 20201.

Source: Mojang Studios

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