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Minecraft Map Review: Farms

This map is available on the Minecraft Marketplace for 830 Minecoins by Shapescape. They have made maps such as The Planet and Mines.

I am sure some of us can get stressed right? Whether it be with work, school or personal things. Once we are stressed, we should try to relax and ease down. Whats a good way to relax? Do something that is nice and easy. Read a book, go farming or fly an airplane. All relaxing right? Well this is what this map has and many more!
Farms is a map that can be relaxing is some right. You spawn in a very nice and open house with a book instructing you what to do. Once read, you can follow the path to a pickup truck and head to gas station. The texture of the pickup trucks mainly sticks to a few colors which can keep it clean. The interiors of the pickup trucks and the race car at the gas station are very nice.

East of the petrol station is a place to get some good stuff. You can get 4 FREE vehicles: 3 planters and 1 harvester. Wheat seeds, potatoes and carrots are the 3 plants. Each of them has a different planter box to specify which one is which. This can be useful but it would also be cool if the tractors has different colors as well. These tractors are slow in a way but it makes sense as they have to plant crops. The harvester is quite fast which was a surprise. The harvester can harvest all crops.

At certain parts of the map there are already vehicles ready to go. The tractors and harvesters can be used on grass all around the world so you can take this anywhere. There is also a secret vehicle to find. I bet it is on the horizon of the map. The final vehicle on the map is a plane which contains another book for all of your book lovers out there! This explains to you how to fly the plane. If you about 30 blocks above the drops, you can produce bone meal which can increase the crops growth. The plane only comes in 1 color which is a shame.

If you collect crops, you can then head back to the gas station to trade it for experience.
This map is great is you to chill back, relax and not have to travel that far to do some things which can be a benefit. While the customization of the vehicles is not a big thing, it would have been a nice thing to have but in exchange, we can use these vehicles in any parts of the world that we want. Although they overwrite some mobs.

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