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Minecraft Marketplace Refresh: 29th January 2019

The Minecraft Marketplace refreshes every week on Tuesdays at 10 am PDT (6 PM GMT).

The Minecraft Marketplace is available on Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire and Gear VR Devices.

All content can be purchased by Minecoins. Prices of Minecoins may vary.

New content added on Tuesday 19th January 2018:

Zoo Safari HD, Price: 310 Minecoins

Join a wild zoo safari! Rule like a lion, roar like a tiger, or swing through the trees as a monkey. Become a hippo, rhino, or giraffe and splash around at the watering hole. Be a cute panda or penguin waddling across the ice. Lead the safari as tour guide or dare to be the veterinarian who takes care of the animals. This is no tame adventure! + 13 HD skins

By GoE-Craft

Twinzies, Price: 490

Show your friendship to the world with a pack of matching skins! From punk-rockers to cool teens, you and your friends can express your unique personalities as well as your feelings for each other! – Ten cute matching outfits – Perfect for friends, families and couples! – Play your next multiplayer game in style! –

By Drzzter &Pathway Studios

Snowy Retreat, Price: 490

Nestle up to this cozy little village and explore the various Victorian styled houses. Don’t forget to checkout the snow forts throughout the village. Grab your friends and build up your very own snow fort to protect yourself from those snowballs! + Explore the various unique Victorian houses! + Compete with your friends to build the best snow fort! +By Octovon

Little Monsters, Price: 490

Now you can look how you feel with these amazing little monsters! – Role play, battle your friends, get creative, or survive as your favourite little monster – Cute and colourful creatures each with a unique name – Highly detailed skins using the 128×128 pixel format – Lots styles to choose from –

By The World Foundry

1337 H4CK3RZ, Price: 310

Hello, world! Join our crew of 1337 H4CK3RZ (“Elite Hackers”) and showcase your h4ck1ng skillz! – Seven hacker inspired skins (including a super cute retro computer!) –

By: 57Digital

Anime Mecha, Price: 490

The time has come for humanity to fight back! We’ve created a series of mechs and pilots inspired by generations of classic mech anime. Help protect humanity, and adventure with friends to stop evil space villains! Build your very own apocalyptic world, or underground city and play as the pilots who protect it!

By Pixel Square

Crash Test Dummies HD, Price: 490

Chilling or crashing. Exploding or chatting. There will be a crash test dummy skin for you. – 12 premium HD skins – 1 free HD skin –

Skin pack by Wandering Wizards

Island Vacation, Price: 310

Ready for a break from the stresses of everyday city life? Then prepare for some fun with the newest release from Shaliquinn’s Schematics! Take in the beauty of the island, pick your favorite house to stay in, enjoy the carnival, or take a thrill ride on the roller coaster!

Fire Mages Skin Pack, Price: 310

Feel the burn with the newest release from Shaliquinn’s Schematics! Join the illustrious ranks of the Fire Mages and take up arms against your enemies. Free the downtrodden and show the competition that you’re the best. Or if you’re not in a fighting mood just put on one of these sharp looking uniforms and hit the city in your new smoldering threads.

Freestyle Skin Pack, Price: 310

Wear one of 10 awesome Freestyle skins. Pick the style that suits your upcoming weekend

Happy Family – Roleplay, Price: 310

It’s family time! Roleplay with your friends and play in a big blue house that offers everything you need for a good life. Stay in one of the cozy rooms, play outside with your friends or drive with the family car to a picnic. Play as mother, dad, daughter, son, grandpa or grandma. – Mansion with over 20 rooms and customized furniture – A cute family van – 7 family skins

King’s Cove, Price: 490

Greetings traveler! You’ve come to King’s Cove, a humble city dedicated to our beloved king! The city can always use some new adventurers and heroes! So, what do you say? Interested in a new adventure? + Beautifully designed survival spawn

By TeamVisionary

Elves of Zillow, Price: 490

From the woodland Slyphs, to the mountain dwelling Drows. Archery, potion making, and magic casting are just instinct for these elves! Choose between 10 unique HD skins and become 1 of 5 different races of elves and show just how good your skills are! *10 unique HD skins *Great for role play

Hatched by Monster Egg Studios

Demi-Humans, Price: 490

These days, everyone has their own strange quirks. Some people bend flames to their will, breathe in the deep sea, or even pass through walls like phantoms. We call ourselves demi-humans for our unique powers. But everyone is a little different. So, what cool quirk do you have? + 12 unique skins +

By A-Chu, 4theSenpai, and TeamVisionary

Farm Friends, Price: 310

A herd of animals running a farm? What udder nonsense! Well, this bunch of amoosing skins are a surefire way to impress your friends in any role-playing adventure! – Six totes adorbs animal skins –

By: 57Digital

Heartfelt Skin Pack, Price: 310

Oh what a loverly day! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these delightfully heartfelt characters… Or if you’re just feeling particularly sweet you can prance about all year long with these fun-loving friends! » 12 Valentine’s Day themed skins »

Created by Eneija

Ninja Warriors, Price: 310

Let the ninja warrior battles begin! Join the Dragons team and use fire, ice, or wind to conquer your opponents. On the Cyber team, be a robot or terminator and defeat the enemy. Maybe the Fighters team is for you. Become a karate, judo, or kung fu expert and vanquish your foes. Take on the powers of nature’s strongest beast on the Tigers team. + 20 skins +

By GoE-Craft

Azure Storm, Price: 160

A wave is coming! As blue as the seas and as frosty as ice, beware of the azure storm! Bestow your eyes upon the latest and freshest fashion series of the season! Walk out in style with your own flavor of blue! + 10 unique skins + By Cpt. Corn and TeamVisionary

Arctic Life, Price: 490

You’ll find all sorts life in the Arctic! With the Arctic Life skin pack, you’ll find lots of cool skins to have a very chilly roleplay. So go ahead! Don one of these skins and hit the nearest snow biome! – 12 hand-crafted skins (including animals and strange icy creatures!) – By: 57Digital

Tropical Isles, Price: 310

This beautiful tropical paradise is a great starting point for your adventures! A volcano lies on these peaceful waters and is home to many dangerous nether creatures, do you dare enter? + A tropical survival spawn + Underwater exploration + Fight against challenging dungeons

By CubeCraft Games

Winter Wear, Price: 310

Be ready for the snow, the ‘Winter Wear’ pack is now available! – Stay warm this winter with cute sweaters, scarfs, beanies and earmuffs! – Keep the snow out your hair, and be dressed so you stay warm and cozy – With fuzzy boots to match your sweet coat, there’s no way you’ll catch a cold!

Hoodies Skin Pack, Price: 310

Slip into something more comfortable with the newest release from Shaliquinn’s Schematics! Get ready to unwind from the stress of everyday city life by putting on your favorite cozy piece of clothing; your hoodie! We’ve got ten fresh skins with options to choose from, so buy now and start relaxing!

Sewers of the Giant Price: 830

There’s no time to waste! Dive deep into the sewers in this exciting puzzle adventure! Explore slimy tunnels and murky lakes to find buttons, solve puzzles and more to complete the monument! – Discover custom mobs such as frogs and rats lurking in the sewers! – A unique puzzle game mode unlike any other! –

By Volcano & Pathway Studios

Mineville Film Studios, Price: 990

Finish school, move to the big city and become a famous movie star, an award-winning director or visual effects artist! Explore awesome movie sets from space and dino themes to many more. + 22 free skins + 19 custom movie props + 6 awesome movie sets + 5 custom tools +

From: InPvP

Australian Spiders, Price: 160

Summer down under means spiders! Fight and frighten your city friends with this set of nature skins inspired by iconic Australian spiders. Choose from a unique selection of poisonous predators: – Funnel web spider – Huntsman spider – Mouse spider – Orb spider – Redback spider Trapdoor spider – White tail spider – Wolf spider

By The World Foundry


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I am a big Minecraft player. I started in 2014 on the Xbox 360 and have since progressed to the Bedrock Engine of the game. I mainly focus on updating people with Minecraft news that may go unnoticed in the community as well as doing content updates and reviews. I am also a big fan of racing games.

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I am a big Minecraft player. I started in 2014 on the Xbox 360 and have since progressed to the Bedrock Engine of the game. I mainly focus on updating people with Minecraft news that may go unnoticed in the community as well as doing content updates and reviews. I am also a big fan of racing games.