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Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition: The Final Update is Out in a few Hours

This version of the game runs on a low powered portable device which actually fits on Minecraft quite well and it also has a lot of features. Its… Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition and it got a new update today!

Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition has gotten yet another great update! This update has new mobs, structures and blocks. This is a pretty big update.

The new mobs in this update are llamas, cartographer villagers and the 3 types of illagers (Vindicator, Evoker and Vex). These are mostly linked to the woodland mansion. The Illagers are found inside of the woodland mansion.

Some of the new blocks in this new update are frosted ice and concrete blocks. These few blocks are useful for building and transporting.

This update is the last update for the New Nintendo 3DS Edition. Thank you for the players for playing.


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