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Minecraft News Round Up: Week of 28th September 2019

Posted on September 28, 2019 by Kieran

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Throughout the past week, a lot of news has been released relating to 1 thing and 1 thing only: Minecon! So lets get right into it!

Monday: We got out first biome vote details! It was linked to the Badlands biome. If you voted for the biome, you voted for vultures, tumbleweeds and a new type of cactus!

Tuesday: We got our second biome vote details! This time it was linked to the the swamp! This biome would get frogs, chests in boats and mangrove trees.

Wednesday: This was the final biome vote details we would get. This time it was the mountains. This time, we would get goats, snowier snow (according to jeb) and jagged cliffs.

Thursday: We got a new Minecraft Bedrock beta which had some nice bug fixes. Check them out here.

Friday: We got a new snapshot.

Saturday: Oh where to start. I will only do the main points so prepare for this:

  • Mountains won the biome vote and will be updated first.
  • Minecraft Earth will be entering early access next month and will be fully released later this year
  • Minecraft Dungeons had its first official cinematic revealed. Check it out here:

  • Minecraft Festival is a convention which brings Minecon back to its roots and it will be hosted over 3 days. There will also be a stream of it
  • Honey blocks will be added to Java and Bedrock in a future update. You can slide down them, jump on them and they will slow you down.

  • Realms Plus is a monthly subscription which will allow you to get over 50 marketplace pieces of content for only $7.99 a month.
  • Character Creation is coming to Bedrock and Minecraft Earth in a future update and this will allow players to customize their character and players will be able to get capes and put them onto their own skins. You can get a free skin for a limited time on the marketplace now!
  • The next update being introduced into the game is….the Nether! This will have new biomes, mobs and blocks including the soulsand valley!

That is all of the minecraft news announced this week! See you all next week!


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