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Minecraft Overcomes More Than 1 Trillion Hours Watched On Youtube In New Announcement

Posted on December 17, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While Minecraft only launched just over a decade ago, the game did not take long to be a juggernaut project that everyone was talking about. And compared to the state the game is at now, it was nowhere near where it was when Microsoft announced the acquisition of then-Mojang back in 2014. Since then, the venture remains to be an independent element of Xbox publishing on multiple platforms including over at Sony & Nintendo.

Despite the heritage of becoming grandfathered into later became Microsoft’s acquisition spree later on, Minecraft was not fully on Xbox Game Pass since the service launched in 2017. Although the console aspect welcomed the game, there was no sign of the title on PC. That was until November where both the Java & Bedrock versions of the game were officially added.

But, the vessel the might have started it all is celebrating Minecraft. If you are unsure, YouTube this week did a makeover to celebrate more than 1 trillion hours of Minecraft watched on the online video streaming platform.

“YouTube are celebrating Minecraft today [Wednesday, December 15], but not because creepers have broken through the screen and are hissing across their HQ. Well, that’s just one of the reasons. We are also celebrating Minecraft content reaching 1 trillion views on YouTube. One. Trillion. Views! And it’s all because of you, the community. You are the ones that have not only watched but created this content.”

Mojang Studios writer Sofia Dankis continues, “All of us at Mojang Studios are in awe of the creativity and ingenuity that the community shows us, each and every day. The builds you create, the tutorials you put together, the commentary that ranges from scathing to slightly less scathing – it inspires us to make Minecraft the best game it can be. I have been tasked with the very honorable mission of thanking all of you, from the bottom of our blocky little hearts. We’re watching, we’re laughing, and we’re learning from you.”

Recently, Mojang Studios effectively shipped the second part for the Caves & Cliffs Update which integrates the major world generation to the titular regions of the game. Additionally, the next mainline update is on the way. Dubbed ‘The Wild Update’ revamps swampland biomes and includes new trees and frogs. You can read the full report by heading here.

Were you celebrating the milestone for Minecraft?

Source: Mojang Studios

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