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Minecraft with RTX announced for Windows 10 and Render Dragon Information.

Last week, the Minecraft team announced that that the Super Duper Graphics Pack was cancelled and this hit all Minecrafter players in the heart. It was unexpected and took the entire community by storm. Well today, it looks like the answer to Super Duper was discovered. Well…to some degree. Announced today by the Minecraft Twitter, Ray Tracing is coming to Windows 10.

What is Ray Tracing you ask? It is a graphics technique that can be used to trace a path of pixels in an image and virtual objects.

The Minecraft Team is taking advantage of this as well as the new graphics engine, Render Dragon. If you saw the Apple Conference a few weeks ago with Saxs and Lydia where they showcased Minecraft Earth, you actually saw Render Dragon running there as well.

Getting back to Nvidia Ray Tracing, this will be available on any Windows 10 device that supports GeForce RTX GPU. There are plans to expand it to future platforms which do support DirectX R ray tracing. With this feature enabled, you are able to “experience your Minecraft World with realistic water that reflects and refracts naturally “. This is the beginning of how Minecraft will change visually forever.

Coming later this year will be more news on this topic including technical requirements. In an upcoming Minecraft Bedrock Beta, you can enable this by turning on “Optional Graphics with RTX”. This will be available in a public release in 2020. But do not fear other platform players, improved emissivity and directional lighting will come to all Bedrock platforms.

This kindly moves us onto the Render Dragon. As I explained earlier, the Render Dragon is used in Minecraft Earth and Saxs and Lydia showcased it earlier this year. The engine has new lighting techniques and edge highlighting which in return will make visual and performance upgrades. While not all devices will support ray tracing, there will be graphics enhancements on “most” devices. As the article states, it all about taking advantage of all of the different hardware to make a very smooth Minecraft experience no matter what device you play.

If you want gameplay of the upcoming ray tracing, check this out.

What do you think about this news? Are you excited for ray tracing coming to Windows 10 and all of the enhancements coming to Bedrock?


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