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Modern Warfare 4 Could Be The Call Of Duty 2019 Title

The annual tradeoff between developers for Call of Duty the past few years have been a wide variety of settings for the first-person war shooter. Stringing from near-future to space soldier, there hasn’t been a solid backing series for the ongoing shooter besides the latest Black Ops with its fourth installment in Treyarch’s franchise.

Now according to recent speculation from fans in the community, we Infinity Ward might be returning to their most popular series in the game’s history, Modern Warfare. In a tweet from the studio’s Senior Communication Manager Ashton Williams, she posted a GIF to what many would see as a nod towards Modern Warfare returning.

For some deeper speculation, some could say that the tweet could be teasing a return to Call of Duty: Ghosts, but it’s highly unlikely. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier said that a sequel to Infinity Ward’s 2013 title is improbable despite the game using skulls to advertise the title previously. Though, if earlier fans remember that skulls were iconic in a previous installment from Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare 2 in which a side protagonist Ghost wore as a bandana to cover his face.

For hope to see the series return is all hype until we get the official word from either Activision or developer Infinity Ward. Since the downfall of the series following the studio’s 2013 title, to regain the initial fanbase built from Modern Warfare could possibly return with the 4 installment if it happens to be true.

There is no official word yet if the next iteration for the Call of Duty series is Modern Warfare 4 or not.

Source: ResetEra

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