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Reports say that Modern Warfare III had only 16 months of development

Posted on November 9, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is releasing tomorrow, November 10 and with the Campaign already accessible through the Early Access it left many gamers upset about the length of it. A new report from Jason Schreier of Bloomberg claims Modern Warfare III was made in less than a year and a half which explains the early reviews being as poor as they are.

Normally, Call of Duty games go through a 3-year development cycle and they’ve had three different studios produce these: Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer Games. Jason has reported that Modern Warfare III was developed in about 16 months which would make it the shortest development time for a brand-new Call of Duty game in the modern era.

Jason claimed that the project was initially codenamed Jupiter and the story was going to be a Modern Warfare spinoff taking place in Mexico. That idea eventually got tossed as Activision told the development team “they would be making a direct sequel to Modern Warfare II centering villain Vladimir Makarov”.

Bloomberg shared that some of the staff “had to work nights and weekends to finish the game” and it was clear that some of the team were not happy about that.

Rectify Gaming’s review of Modern Warfare III will debut this weekend after the launch of Multiplayer to give our final verdict. It had been rumored at the start of 2023 that there wouldn’t be a new Call of Duty released and instead, it would be a DLC to MWII. Activision shot down those claims saying Modern Warfare III would be a premium release priced at $70.00 USD.

What do you think of this move from Activision that brought a low-quality Call of Duty game to the world?

Source: Bloomberg

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