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Modern Warfare III is treated as a “DLC” for Trophy and Achievement lists

Posted on November 2, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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With Modern Warfare III entering its Early Access phase for Xbox and PlayStation it means the platforms will have new Trophies and Achievements. It was long rumored that Modern Warfare III would be treated as DLC to Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, but Activision said it was going to be a premium release.  

Activision released the Call of Duty “HQ”, every new game in the series will be added to this collection of games starting with Modern Warfare III. Now when any new Call of Duty game releases it will be added to the Achievement list for Xbox and the Trophy list for PlayStation making it act like a DLC. 

The bad news for PlayStation players since the console views it as an add-on, you won’t be able to “Platinum” the game. See the tweet below for the example:

On the Xbox platform, you’ll notice your Call of Duty list went from 1000G to 2000G. The first set of Achievements is from Modern Warfare II while the additional 1000G is from Modern Warfare III and you’ll see the list shows MW3 to show you what Achievements are from Modern Warfare III. 

Now we know Modern Warfare III is not claimed to be a DLC, but this is an interesting move for those that are completionists. 



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