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Mojang Announces Standalone Co-Op Title Minecraft: Dungeons

Posted on October 1, 2018 by Nick Moreno

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Yesterday was Minecon Earth 2018, a livestreamed event from the studio behind the iconic blocky title. Shown throughout the online event, future updates were showcased and other fixes coming to the always growing game. The biggest reveal for this year though was the new standalone title based in the game’s universe.

Revealing Minecraft: Dungeons with a cinematic trailer of the upcoming title. But despite the announcement trailers looking like the title, no gameplay for the game was revealed. Said during the reveal of the new game, Mojang Creative Director Saxs Persson mentioned that the Sweden-based studio has plans and ideas for other titles that will explore different genres through the world of Minecraft.

Dungeons expands from base Minecraft as it is primarily influenced from “classic dungeon crawlers”, breaking from the traditional open world, crafting game we all know. Along with what we are aware of from Minecraft, new weapons, mobs, and environments have been announced for the upcoming title. With you and up to three friends can explore the mob inhabited mines, you must make your way to take down the Arch-Illager.

From looking at the trailer, though there is no gameplay it is easy to assume there will be different ways to play. Looking as there will be classes based on weapons and abilities. With cooperative gameplay already present in Mojang’s title, this new way of going at it with dungeons will twist up how we see the game. On top of the announcement of new monsters, bosses will also be coming with never before seen enemy champions that players will have to face.

Minecraft: Dungeons will be available in 2019 for PC.

Source: Mojang

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