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Mojang Studios Confirms Recent Raytracing For Minecraft Preview Was A Mistake, Feature Now Patched Out

Posted on April 1, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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For the growth Minecraft has made since its inception more than a decade ago, it is not easy to question what the development team over at Mojang Studios will deliver next. This past December the Swedish game studio officially shipped the full package for The Caves & Cliffs Update bringing a new range of generation presets to the world. But, there is more on the way.

Elsewhere prior during Minecraft Live, the team shared its plans to deliver a new dedicated update to the swamp biome dubbed ‘The Wild Update’ which featured new trees, a new frog mob, and more. Additionally, the annual community mob decided on the Allay which will be a wisp-like creature that brings you items and is attracted to sound blocks.

This past week, users via Xbox Insiders found rayrtacing features were added to Minecraft Preview. However, the developer went on to clarify that the recent update was a mistake and stripped the implementation in a new patch.

The most upsetting part of the entire ordeal is discovering that the feature for raytracing despite fragments of it being in the recent update is nowhere near planned for a full-on release anytime soon, Mojang Studios explains. Online, some users believe that the implementation for the system is being held back due to intersecting with other partnered technology, but that has yet to be verified by the developer nor Microsoft.

In that, it is speculated that the previous Minecraft raytracing showcase was on Nvidia’s RTX series of graphics cards. But if Xbox or later PlayStation hardware is to utilize the feature, it would be on AMD’s components which could conflict with the earlier presentation of the visual elements before.

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