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Mojang Studios Discusses The Two DLCs Shipping For Minecraft Dungeons, First Scheduled To Ship In July

Posted on May 30, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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For followers of Minecraft, you should be well acquainted with the fact that Minecraft Dungeons just released earlier this week. And with the game still finding its foundation as of writing, there is plenty of time for players who are still working towards finishing the main storyline. With that, developer Mojang Studios has decided to return already to discuss the plans for the two coming DLC expansions for the title.

In a new blog post, the development team sheds that the first dubbed ‘Jungle Awakens’ aims to release sometime later on this summer in July. The add-on is framed to be as derived from the titling of the DLC including a new experience for players seeking more in Minecraft Dungeons. It will include three new missions and players can find new weapons and items to their disposal.

As for the remaining second downloadable content experience, Mojang Studios shares the add-on to be labeled ‘Creeping Winter’, but fails to disclose what will be included. It is presumed players will find a new snow-covered slew of missions with new weapons of course and perhaps the addition of specialized enemies as well.

The story does not end there however as Mojang Studios goes on to reveal that cross-platform play is currently underway for Minecraft Dungeons. “The team is also working on adding cross-platform play functionality and cool new free content for Minecraft Dungeons that everyone will receive, regardless of edition! We’ll come back with more details in the coming weeks.” It is expected that all supported platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC) will receive the feature when it officially ships.

Although cross-play will be a given to all users, the DLC is a different story. Only owners of the Hero Edition for Minecraft Dungeons can pick up the two add-ons when they arrive. The team has not disclosed pricing for the add-on or if there will be an upgrade pass for the more expensive version.

The recently-launched title has also made its way to Xbox Game Pass on both console alongside PC as well. You can read the full list of titles that was added to the video game streaming service alongside Minecraft Dungeons by heading here.

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Minecraft Dungeons is out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Source: Mojang Studios

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