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More Death Stranding Potentially To Be Revealed Next Month

Recently at the Tribeca Film Festival, Hideo Kojima alongside Geoff Keighley and Norman Reedus were present at the event hosting a panel and discussing the anticipated first self-published game from Kojima, Death Stranding. Though the studio head has yet to disclose much information on what his upcoming title is surrounding the plot’s premise from the few glimpses already out on the internet, we do however get a bit more insight on what it will focus on.

Following the events of the panel, an attendee disclosed some bullets of what Kojima and the other hosts discussed during their time conversing about Death Stranding. Sharing that Kojima is eager to “bring something new to the genre”: emphasizing on the concept of connection as one of the title’s main themes throughout the course of the story.

Despite the game pitting the player to experience the elements in solitude for a majority of the experience, Kojima stresses to make the player entwined on the subject matter of being connected and disconnected, favoring which one is more preferable. Stating examples like European politics and dating as catalysts for the ideology that players could relate to more easily.

Amid the more in-depth look on the story’s foundation, Kojima also reveals that he is ecstatic by using real actors for the characters after working with motion capture for the forthcoming game. Adding on that he couldn’t go back to using more technical techniques in making characters as the actors are more profound when shooting.

The most interesting piece above everything that was discussed is that he shares more on the title could be showcased in the coming month, and seeing at the current discussion revolving around the title’s story, that could be what is next to be shown in the coming weeks. When exactly has yet to be revealed.

Previously, it was discovered that Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding could possibly be a cross-generation title shared between the current PlayStation 4 and Sony’s yet to be revealed PlayStation 5.

Death Stranding has not confirmed release date as of yet.

Source: ResetEra

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