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More Details On Persona 5 Scramble Said To Be Revealed This Coming Thursday

Right before 2019 officially commenced, rumors circulating around Atlus’ Persona 5 seeped through the cracks as domains for and both surfaced prior to the upcoming reveal from the developer. The two left fans anticipating that the game could finally be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the near future. Upon the official reveal, one ended up being the updated Persona 5 Royal as we already know.

As for the second leak, Atlus did confirm that the game is for the Switch, however, the game was Persona 5 Scramble. The title is essentially a pseudo Dynasty Warriors with a Persona 5 coat of paint on it: in collaboration with Koei Tecmo, the upcoming hack and slash title was recently reported to have more information revealed next week.

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers Coming To PS4 & Switch

The announcement comes from GamesTalk where the Japanese outlet reveals that Atlus will share more on the Warriors/Musou this coming Thursday, October 24th at 12 PM JST / 11 PM EST & 8 PM PST on October 23rd due to time differences.

What’s expected to be revealed could vary from more gameplay to be shown or a proper demo for the new title possibly. Maybe even a slated timeframe for the game to be discussed as well if we’re lucky. Knowing Atlus, the team likes to keep their information scarce when it comes to new games as we have seen with teasing new titles.

What would you like to see from this new details for Persona 5 Scramble?

Persona 5 Scramble is listed for Nintendo Switch as well as PlayStation 4.

Source: Persona Central


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